There have been rumors of imposters infiltrating our sanctuary. World of SOL is full of crazy scientists creating clones to turn a quick buck. Even though we are inclusive folk, we want to ensure you are the original Exile from the 1st mint of DAA.

Simply submit the token mint address to the input field below and click on “Check”.

How does this verification work, you ask? Click here to find out.


Looking for that hot classmate you locked eyes with, while being thrown out of the academy? Check out this virtual yearbook of Verified Exiles from the first mint.

What are Exiled Apes?

Exiled apes are the community behind the first 719 NFTs of Degenerate Ape Academy minted on the initial release.

Verify your ape

Due to some fakes that are already circulating, please verify that your token address was part of the original mint in our Sanctuary.

Community news

All important updates from the community regarding the fate of Exiles.