Community updates

DAA Council stuff

09/21/2021@DegenerateApeAcademy Community voted 85% to 15% that Exiled Apes will not be able to vote for the Council election.

Vote for inclusion of ExiledApes to DAA still TBD

Community milestones

sorted from Latest to Oldest

  • @RogueSharkTank announced their support of Exiled Apes by creating rare Exiled class in their upcoming mint.
  • With help of @statikdev finally added our very own sales-bot X1-L0 to Discord server.
  • The Inaugural Exiled Community Art Contest & Creative Extravaganza! launched.
  • Airdrop from @SolCryptoGreeks to all Exiled Ape holders.
  • 1st merch item launched with accompanying giwaway.
  • Airdrop of @SolerPowerNFT to 250 Exiled Ape holders before their mint. Rest of the exiles received their Cute Alien right after their mint finished.
  • Created a starter template using the Metaplex Candy Machine that other projects in the Solana ecosystem can use to launch minting website with more confidence.
  • Partnered with @ShroomZ_NFT to create an entire Exiled set of their NFTs to be airdropped to all Exiled Ape holders.
  • Adopted a real-life Ape named Popi.
  • Created a custom NFT as a gift for Paris Hilton.
  • Held a giveaway for one of the Exiled Apes.
  • Worked with @SolanaGangNFT to create a custom Exiled Ape NFT giveaway.
  • Produced a concept for a short film that highlights the history of the Exiled Apes.
  • Worked with marketplaces to have our Exiled Apes listed and create more liquidity.
  • Communicated with rarity sites to get the Exiled Apes rarity traits posted.
  • Structured the want to buy and want to sell channels on Discord with community appointed @Middlemen as well as a trade-vouch system to facilitate safe trades.
  • Created a design team on discord that recreates Blanks (NFTs without any images) as well as creates custom NFTs for giveaways and partnerships.
  • Launched a website to provide more information and back story on the Exiled Ape community.
  • Started a community on discord and Github where the engineers in the community can publicly share and validate the code for our applications.
  • Worked with a YouTuber to create a video tutorial on how to use our validation tool
  • Created an Exiled Ape validation website by scraping blockchain data for valid token mint addresses on the night of the first mint.
  • Created the Exiled Ape Community


  • The Backstory

    On August 13, 2021 at 8pm Degen Ape Academy went live for minting. At least, it was supposed to. Many of us waited anxiously as the countdown timer reached the

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  • Exiled

    On the evening of August 13, 2021 my brothers and sisters congregated outside the Degen Ape Academy with hearts full of excitement as we waited for the doors to open

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What are Exiled Apes?

Exiled apes are the community behind the first 719 NFTs of Degenerate Ape Academy minted on the initial release.

Verify your ape

Due to some fakes that are already circulating, please verify that your token address was part of the original mint in our Sanctuary.

Community news

All important updates from the community regarding the fate of Exiles.