The Inaugural Exiled Community Art Contest & Creative Extravaganza!

Tired of the FUD? Looking to participate in your community?

Well grab those, crayons, sharpies, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, styluses, cameras or even that rattle can because we, @ExiledApes, are very proud to announce:

The Inaugural Exiled Community Art Contest & Creative Extravaganza!

Beginning today you will have 10 days to create your very own work of art based on your ExiledApe!


The rules are simple and very limited as we want to see some super creative entries!

  1. You are free to create any form of digitally transferable art. Your art must be based on an exile you own or are given rights to use. –Ghost apes; you can either, choose to use the image intended to go with your ape (if you need help with this we would be very happy to oblige) or, you are free to start from the provided blank slate. –Null apes; you can either, choose to draw from the provided blank slate (v1 or v2) or use an ape provided by another exile. There will be a discord channel set up to facilitate this.
  2. You will have until Thursday the 30th to submit your art. We have created a Discord channel for submission. You need to be a verified exile to post your submission. You are encouraged to submit with a title and possibly a short description of your work. This will be included in the minting of the top 10 entries.
  3. Community judging will commence within this page on the next day, Oct 1st and run for 72 hours.
  4. Winner’s will be announced Sunday Oct 3rd.
  5. Top 10 Entries will receive free minting and delivery of their very own NFT!
  6. Grand prize winner will receive a special grab bag wallet containing a very special @shroomznft, additional @SolerPanel NFT and perhaps a small bag of donated goodies!”

Grand price includes this ShroomZ NFT, donated by our big Chief @ExiledApe & SolerPanel NFT donated by @Empyrean

So get creative and bring your APE game. Print & doodle, photoshop, paint or sketch! The canopy is the limit with these exiles. We are excited to see results and to further our main goal of community inclusion and involvement here @ExiledApes.

As Null apes have no image associated with them we will be providing a blank template to use (v1 or v2). We also would like to reach out to any exiled hodlers who may own more than one ape or don’t intend to participate in the competition. If you would be willing to lend your image for an entry please let us know. We have come up with this solution to negate any legal complications that may arise, limiting null apes from participating. If your lent ape is voted into the top 10, you will also be receiving a free NFT of the art depicting your ape as a way of saying thank you.

We are 100% community driven here at the Exiles as we do not receive royalties of any kind. All prizes are donated by members. If you believe in what we are doing here and would like to chip in to the prize pool please contact any of the moderators on discord and let us know!

And remember…..

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

Bob Ross

Congratulation to Winner of Grand Prize in the Inaugural Exiled Community Art Contest & Creative Extravaganza!



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