On the evening of August 13, 2021 my brothers and sisters congregated outside the Degen Ape Academy with hearts full of excitement as we waited for the doors to open to new adventure and financial opportunity. At least, it was supposed to.  As the countdown timer neared 0, my fellow apes began to push against each other in anticipation of the door opening.  3.  2.  1.  0!  And… nothing.  Excitement turned to anxiety and the community pushed harder towards the great double door.  This caused the ancient brass hinges to begin to creak and groan as the mossy stone walls and thick mahogany door were stressed to their limits.  

The pressure on the apes in the front came in relentless waves.  Screams of pain and fear began to pierce the night and then a thunderous crack reverberated through the crowd as one of the hinges snapped and half of the great door gave way.  The crowd lurched forward as apes fell through the small opening.  Panic and aggression flowed like molten lava as we left all sense of morality behind us as we clamored to get through.  Some have gone so far as to say many of us acted… human.  *shudder*

One after another, my fellow apes began to spill through the small opening.  Many were crushed in the process, and tossed aside without care.  Some larger apes were stripped of all clothes as they squeezed through the opening, leaving them virtually invisible due to the moonless sky.

After hundreds of my companions ripped through, I finally found myself at the small opening, ignored my instincts, and dove inside.  As I did, a horde of humans raced to place boards on the opening and nailed it closed.  Roars of anguish and the beating of chests washed over us like a tsunami as the entrance was sealed.  Those of us who made it through were led through the grounds to a back gate.  There, we were told we had broken the rules and would no longer be welcome.  The back gate was opened and we sullenly walked out, heads down, exiled forever.

We were offered tuition reimbursements but most of us told the Degen Academy they could keep it.  

Because we, The Exiled Apes, have plans.  Big plans…