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You mention 719, but I saw 886 being thrown around, like … what’s up with that?

The number of mints from the first night was in contention for a while. Exiles were able to confirm 719 NFTs were minted, but DAA announced 886. DAA later clarified that the 719 is indeed correct, the other 167 were minted on devnet only.

What will happen to the Exiled Apes?

We are a unique group of NFT holders and have formed a strong community. We’ve worked to get our apes listed on marketplaces and are partnering with other NFT projects to create special airdrops and other perks for Exiled Holders.

How do I verify my Exiled Ape?

We built the Proof of Exile (PoE) Validator Tool within the sanctuary page. Post your screenshots in verify-your-ape on discord to get your new role.

Any update about GhostApes from the DAA team yet?

Not yet, but we’ll update this page when we hear more. Some of our designers are drawing up apes from attributes so people know what their apes look like. Ask about this in design-team.

Can I trade my Exiled Ape?

Yes, we are listed on public marketplaces such as DigitalEyes and we also have two channels: want-to-buy and want-to-sell. Make sure to ask for one of our community elected @Middlemen to broker the trade for both parties safely. You can review all the successful trades these @Middlemen have under their belts by reading trade-vouch.

When will the DAA council be formed?

There is no set date from DAA yet on when or how the council will be formed.

Will Exiled Apes be accepted into the Academy?

There has been no official word on whether or not Exiled Apes will be brought into the DAA academy system.

What is the floor price of Exiled Apes?

It’s changing daily check floor-speculation channel on discord to talk about the prices.

What is this #ExiledDAO I’ve seen mentioned?

We are a community-run project. The people who put in effort are rewarded by the community and as we grow we are creating a more formalized DAO structure where we will all share in the success.

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What are Exiled Apes?

Exiled apes are the community behind the first 719 NFTs of Degenerate Ape Academy minted on the initial release.

Verify your ape

Due to some fakes that are already circulating, please verify that your token address was part of the original mint in our Sanctuary.

Community news

All important updates from the community regarding the fate of Exiles.