Many of those lucky enough to get an Ape in the Exiled Apes collection
sure didn’t feel lucky at first, when they looked in their wallet and found this:

Some however, did show their traits, and that gave the design team from
The Exiled Apes Community an idea… what if we resurrected these fallen apes,
piecing them together with the information we had, so that their owners could
see them for the first time? Below is a gallery of apes successfully re-birthed:

Need help bringing an ape to life?
Come join us on discord and ask
the pharaoh himself @yasuni!

What are Exiled Apes?

Exiled apes are the community behind the first 719 NFTs of Degenerate Ape Academy minted on the initial release.

Verify your ape

Due to some fakes that are already circulating, please verify that your token address was part of the original mint in our Sanctuary.

Community news

All important updates from the community regarding the fate of Exiles.